37 Bento Box Lunches You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Take to Work

37 Bento Box Lunches You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Take to Work

Upgrade Your Brown Bag

I love bringing lunch to work – it’s healthy, saves money, and I get my food exactly the way I like it. (No more getting back to my desk to find that the deli forgot to hold the mayo!) But, let’s face it, schlepping canned soup or PB&J every day is kind of embarrassing. The solution: a bento box!

Lately, I’ve seen a bunch of stories on bento box lunches. They’re perfect for work! By taking a couple hours to prep on Sunday, you can have delicious lunches all week that will leave your coworkers drooling. Here are my favorites.

Lean, Clean, ‘N’ Green

As part of their 31-Day Challenge, the ladies of Tone It Up put together a handy mix-and-match Lunch Box guide. It features 7 super-healthy “main meal” choices, plus options for veggies, dip, and a drink. They’ve got a grown-up version of PB&J that I might actually be proud to include in my brown bag!

Not Just for Kids

Today’s Parent Magazine has a great story this month on 10 bento box lunch ideas your kids will love. But these lunches are surprisingly sophisticated and definitely perfect for work! I can’t wait to try the Vietnamese Chicken Rolls and the Red Pepper Falafel Cakes.

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The Time Saver

Nearly all of Laura Fuentes’s recipes work for a bento box format – and she really goes above and beyond with her easy how-to videos. My favorite time-saver is her strategy of creating 5 different lunches with one main ingredient, like in her 5 Healthy School and Office Lunch Ideas with Chicken Salad video. Chicken salad not your thing? She’s also got ideas for hummus, turkey, and hard-boiled eggs.

Get Your Gear

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Ready to get on the bento box bandwagon? Here are a few office-worthy tools to have you brown-bagging (figuratively speaking) in style.

Sleek Stainless Steel: SO glamorous! My daughter has the classiest lunchbox in her daycare class.

EasyLunchboxes: The ones Laura Fuentes uses in her videos – my husband has commandeered these for his work lunches!

Minimalist Black: This is the one I personally use most often… though be warned, it attracted some attention at airport security! (Actual quote from TSA agent: “We just need to see that it’s just your lunch in there, ma’am.”)

What’s your favorite office lunch? Let me know in the comments!

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    I really like several of the Today’s Parent lunchbox ideas. Like you say, some of them are rather sophisticated (and yummy) looking.

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