Top Five: Best Free Apps for Work

5 Best Free Apps for Work Behold Your New Work Superpowers!

Behold Your New Work Superpowers!

Apps make our lives so much easier. How did we ever function without Snapchat, Waze, or Dropbox??

These five free apps take the drudgery out of work. Each one has a special superpower to make you more productive or eliminate busywork. With your boring work chores out of the way, you might even – dare I say it? – have fun!

Here, in no particular order, are my top five apps for work – and none of them will cost you a penny!


Superpower: Quickly transfer contact info from that dusty pile of cards into your phone or computer.

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, computer

I love meeting people at professional events like conferences and happy hours. I have accumulated stacks and stacks of business cards… that just sat in my desk drawer, useless. I dreaded the thought of digging through the piles to find someone’s phone number, much less taking the time to upload them all to my contacts database.

When I finally discCamCard app download QR codeovered CamCard, I felt like a bit of a moron. This app makes uploading contact info from business cards SO EASY: just snap a photo and voila! It’s not perfect – sometimes I have to fix scanning mistakes, especially when the business card has an unusual design. But overall, it’s still a huge time-saver.
In 5 minutes a day, I was quickly able to burn through my backlog of old cards and finally reach out to people I’d been wanting to catch up with!

Get it: CamCard website or scan this QR code from your device.


TripIt screenshot

Photo credit: TripIt

Superpower: Keep track of all your travel plans in one place, just by sending an email.

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, computer

I’ve been using TripIt for 5 years now and I just keep loving it.

Here’s how it works: you forward confirmation emails for your travel bookings – flights, trains, hotels, restaurant reservations – and TripIt assembles them all into one itinerary. It also sends you pre-trip alerts to remind you to check in for your flight online, let you know your flight has been delayed, and keep you updated on gate changes.

One of my favorite features is that TripIt automatically adjusts to whatever time zone I’m in, so no more sprinting through the airport barefoot (gotta love those security checks) to make a flight because I got the departure time wrong.

Get it: TripIt website or your device’s app store.


Wunderlist app screenshot

Photo credit: Wunderlist

Superpower: Making to-do lists you’ll actually use.

Available for: iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle, computer

I’ve tried lots of different to-do list apps (including Todoist, Asana, and Evernote), and Wunderlist is the only one I’ve managed to stick with.

You see, I’m a mega-list maker. I like to write down every task I can possibly think of, and then choose my top priorities from the list each day.

In other apps, my lists got too long to see without a massive amount of scrolling. Plus some of them required due dates for every item, which made a total mess if I needed to reschedule things or change around the order. I know those apps work for plenty of people, but I’d eventually get overwhelmed and never want to open the thing again.

Wunderlist’s framework lets me see just tasks due today, group tasks for a particular project, and keep a catch-all for all those little things that seem to slip through the cracks. It also lets me choose whether or not to create a due date (with reminders) and create subtasks to break down the elements of more complicated to-do items. I especially love that I can duplicate a previous list (useful when deciding what to pack for a trip) and share it with others (here’s the grocery list, honey!).

Get it: Wunderlist website or your device’s app store.


Superpower: Organizing everything in “human-friendly” spreadsheets.

Available for: iOS, Android, and computer

Spreadsheet apps like Microsoft Excel are useful for managing heavy-duty financial modeling – believe me, I know. But when you just need to organize a list of jobs you’ve applied for, the typical spreadsheet falls a little flat. Enter Airtable. It lets you set up your spreadsheet for the kind of stuff you’re organizing– it can handle photos, links, and multiple-choice selections with ease. It also lets you easily link between content on different pages without needing a degree in computer science.

Also, Ashton Kutcher uses it every day. So they’ve got that going for them.

Get it: Airtable website or your device’s app store.

LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn job search app screenshot

Photo credit: LinkedIn

Superpower: Finding your next job while standing in line at Starbucks.

Available for: iOS, Android

LinkedIn is my favorite place to look for job opportunities – it’s surprisingly good at finding postings I’m interested in. Now, there’s an app just for job-hunting, which lets you search and apply for jobs on your mobile device.

Although job-hunting in public may not be your idea of fun, LinkedIn says that people who apply for a job the first day it’s posted are 10% more likely to land it!

So if your dream job posting pops up while you’re on vacation in Hawaii (#firstworldproblems), you can send off your application without even leaving the beach.

Get it: Apple App Store, Google Play


What are your favorite free apps? Let me know in the comments!

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    Oh my gosh, Wunderlist sounds right up my alley! I haven’t found a good note-taking/list writing app yet, so I will definitely check this out. Great suggestions, thanks for sharing!

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